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BELLAVISTA is a professional Spanish firm founded in 1979 made up of expert Lawyers, Accountants and Business Advisors who host a long-lasting experience in rendering services to national and international companies as well as individuals that have interests in the Spanish Market. As specialized Tax Advisors in Spain, we help our clients to deal with common questions regarding the Spanish Tax and Legal system such as Taxes on Real State, Expats Taxation, Inheritance Taxes, Income Taxes, VAT, Corporate and M&A in Spain, as well as Taxation for Non Residents. Our focused team delivers a first-class and cost-effective service and aims to communicate our innovative tax planning advice in a way that is understandable to our clients. 

With, BELLAVISTA provides tax, accounting and legal answers to individuals and companies through the labyrinth of the Spanish Tax System.

We are members of Integra International, a global association of accounting, taxation, auditing and business consulting firms represented in more than 160 cities worldwide. We are also members of EuréseaU, an international association of Lawyers with offices in 25 countries.

Expert Lawyers, Accountants and Business Advisors

Given the international dimension of BELLAVISTA, many of our clients have a requirement for international tax solutions.

We have a close working relationship through Integra International with specialist tax lawyers and advisers throughout the world which enables us to provide individuals and companies with a co-ordinated service.

BELLAVISTA can offer Tax advice in Spain for individuals wishing to receive information about Real Estate or Property Taxation, as well as advice for Expats or Non residents, regarding Income Taxes, VAT or Inheritances.

BELLAVISTA is also an expert Tax Advisor offering Corporate Taxation, M&A and Incorporations specialized counseling for companies in Spain

BELLAVISTA counts with a team of professional lawyers, accountants and business advisors that work from our offices located in Barcelona, Granollers and Madrid which enable to provide our clients with a rich and full combination of expertise and professional advice in the areas of taxation, law, accounting, finance and business related questions. 

All of the above enable us to provide excellent advice to our clients. 

The TaxQuestion TEAM
Francisco Bellavista
Francisco Bellavista
International and Spanish Tax, Accountant and Business Advisor
Carlos Nicolau
Carlos Nicolau
Commercial and Company Law
Carlos Nicolau
Francesc Mialet Miret
International and Spanish Tax, Accountant and Business Advisor
Carlos Nicolau
Julieta López-Chicheri
International and Spanish Tax Lawyer
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